Recommended Albums

The Secret of the Castle

Mika Pohjola, Chris Cheek, Matt Penman, Roberto Dani

The Secret of the Castle is based on the 19th century novel by Charles Walton, in which three young men are haunted by an evil ghost in Scotland. The ghost alters the minds of the youngsters and even... Read

El Arte de la Vida

Alvaro Is Rojas

Spanish pianist Alvaro Is Rojas recorded these alluring pieces for solo piano in Stockholm, Sweden. The artist admirably delves into his soul with this presentation consisting of jazz and pop... Read

Live at Hubbard Hall

Johanna Grüssner, Peter Eldridge, Darmon Meader

The Manhattan Jazz Orchestra, featuring Johanna Grüssner, shines with some of today's most creative big band arrangements of familiar jazz tunes. Featuring special guests, New York Voices members... Read

Early Recordings

Alvaro Is Rojas

Spanish pianist Alvaro Is Rojas recorded this collection of expressive jazz songs in Prague, Czech Republic and Stockholm, Sweden in the early part of the 1990s. About half of the selections are his... Read

Live at the Savoy

Grupo Nuevo, Eeppi Ursin, Mika Pohjola, Fernando Huergo

Grupo Nuevo explores new paths on chacarera and tango from Argentina. The repertoire contains classics and original compositions by Fernando Huergo and Mika Pohjola. Grupo Nuevo's renditions also... Read


Joe Lovano

is a post bop jazz saxophonist, alto clarinetist, flautist, and drummer. Since the... learn more

Duke Ellington

is regarded as one of the greatest jazz composers and bandleaders of all time. One... learn more

Matt Penman

hails from Auckland, New Zealand where he started playing bass at the age of 14. A... learn more

Alvaro Is Rojas

is a pianist and composer, who has lived in Stockholm, Sweden since the late 1960s.... learn more


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